Grapefruit and Medication Interactions

Many people may not be aware of it, but the consequences of certain drug interactions with grapefruit juice can be life-threatening, if not fatal. Affecting the effectiveness of many types of medications, grapefruit side-effects can range from low energy to kidney failure.

It has been observed that it does not take much grapefruit juice to alter the benefits of certain medications. A 47% decrease in the effectiveness of medications from grapefruit juice can be seen after consuming just one glass. Additionally, it can take more than 24 hours for the effects of a single glass to wear off. This is why people who drink one or more glasses of grapefruit juice daily and take certain medications have become seriously ill.

So what exactly is it about grapefruit juice that causes such serious side-effects. Studies have shown that grapefruit inhibits a crucial enzyme, sometimes with fatal results. It has been noted that the same enzyme in the liver that is responsible for breaking down drugs also is responsible for metabolizing grapefruit into useful components. When there is an interference with drugs and grapefruit juice, it is often a scenario where the presence of grapefruit juice overloads the system thereby preventing the drugs from being broken down properly and dispersed throughout the system. The following offers a brief overview of drugs that may be compromised by the presence of grapefruit: Depression, cholesterol, cancer, impotence, pain, and high blood pressure.

Researchers who have been studying this phenomenon have seen cases of grapefruit juice interactions occurring in a wide demographic range. Two of the most susceptible groups however include snowbirds and those who are beginning diets to lose weight. Most northerners who pack-up and head south for the winter are usually unaware of this condition, and learn the hard way resulting in trips to the emergency room. Similarly, many people who want quick weight loss often try crazy diets that usually include drinking a large quantity of grapefruit juice. While their intentions are to lose weight, they are often faced with more serious health problems. These weight loss issues could be prevented by seeking online herbal remedies advice.

In closing, remember to discuss all medications and dietary patterns with your doctor. Being honest and open can save your life.