Skin Conditions, Mental Health And Natural Therapies

There is no doubt that some people with skin conditions suffer not only from the sometimes debilitating skin eruption but also mentally as well. This is very evident if the skin condition presents itself in an area clearly visible to the public. These skin conditions compounded with other stressful factors in ones life such as adolescence can create mental scars that last a lifetime.

Common skin afflictions that tend to cause the greatest amount of anxiety are Acne, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, and Eczema. Whilst there is allot of medical research into the causes of these afflictions, most medical practitioners will treat the skin condition with prescription medications with varying degrees of success. It is rare that the practitioner will go to the next step and insure the mental state of the patient or suggest alternate natural therapies outside standard medical practice. Practitioners need to be holistic in their approach especially if a patient presents and is vulnerable mentally, such as during adolescence and the case of Acne.

Isolation and rejection in the community can result from the visible manifestations of these skin conditions. Psoriasis, Dermatitis, and Eczema to the non medical eye can be extremely visually confronting. The natural human reaction for self preservation causes people to back away or engage little with a person whom appears to have a strange illness for fear of contracting it themselves. When the disease is manifested in a child or adolescent, and they encounter peers at school and social events, these children can be treated extremely harshly and alienated from the group. This rejection is often the catalyst the emotional issues relating from the skin condition.

It is not uncommon to see people with skin conditions present with mental and emotional problems, like anxiety, stress and depression arising from alienation and non acceptance in their social sphere.

So how could these skin conditions be handled to effect the best holistic outcome? There are two main avenues open to a patient. Standard medical prescriptions and natural therapy. As numerous skin conditions have no known cause or trigger it is often a case of hit and miss on the prescription of medications. Holistically the patient should be reviewed and natural therapies explored in conjunction with traditional medicine. Natural therapies such as balneotherapy (soaking or bathing) with pure Dead Sea Salts which are thousands of years old are often underestimated and offer assistance and help in the healing process. The minerals and “de-stressing” characteristics carried out in balneotherapy have been proven in many studies to be beneficial to many skin ailments. It has long been know that the skin – the bodies largest organ can rapidly absorb minerals which are thought to boost the skins regenerating capabilities. Also the act of soaking also allows the patient to relax and reduce anxiety which inturn assists both the skin condition and the mental state.

The patient should also be reviewed and referred for professional assessment if anxiety, depression or mental issues present especially if the skin condition is chronic in nature.

In summary the medical community needs to embrace the natural health alternatives and suggest these “do no harm” options to their patients. This supplemented with prescription medication will serve the patient in the best possible way.