Guitar Scales Mystery

Each of us guitar players experience this dilemma sooner or later: Do I really have to learn music theory to play guitar properly? Isn’t rock guitar and rock music itself about freedom and rebellion against restrictive norms?

Yes, of course! But, you still want to sound good and harmonious, right?

Learning guitar theory is usually considered a painful and difficult process that takes years to master, and that requires taking a music class with a music teacher that you find difficult to associate with the actual rock songs you want to play.

Another obstacle is that most music theory classes are made by piano teachers for piano students, and that is not enough to be translated into guitar theory.

Don’t get me wrong – the pentatonic scales can be very useful for any beginner guitar player, but soon you will find that not only five notes are played by your guitar hero, but some nice cursory sounds ‘sooo gooood’ even though they are not included in the pentatonic scale which exists.

If you really want to be an expert guitar player, and bring your guitar playing skills to the next level, you shouldn’t be confused with questions like: Is that the Dorian mode scale? What is the difference between large and small scale? What is the scale of the exotic sound played by the Masters in that tone?

See what I mean?

The real truth is that learning music theory along with the right ear training will make you a much more complete player and musician … It can make you one of those people who can listen to a song for the first time and say: “That is interesting tonal twist on that solo, or in the chord progression … “Or maybe take your guitar and immediately play it, without guessing the tone of voice or chord used in the song … This is what we call perfect pitch. Very few people are born with this gift.

Only 10% of all musicians have this ability, and that will be translated into a small portion of the general population. So, if you become one of them – you will be an exception to the rules and anomalies in the system. Did I mention that you don’t have to be born with a perfect tone, but you can achieve it through proper training and training.