How To Earn $100k Per Year Teaching Guitar and Transform Average Guitar Students Into Killer Players

The truth about teaching guitar: whether you have been teaching for twenty years or just started without prior experience, you have the potential to achieve a high level of success & make a living teaching guitar. The most successful, super-earners in the guitar teaching community are not smarter than you, nor do they have greater potential than you … plus they all have to overcome the same (or greater) challenges than whatever you face so far teacher.

That being said, what’s the main difference between a guitar teacher who is a big success and someone else? If you think that a top guitar teacher only knows something that no one else is doing or does things differently – you are partly right. Yes, the best guitar teachers almost always get guitar teacher training … but that is only a single factor in the success of their local guitar teaching business. They also have internal qualities and mental characteristics that are successfully shared among champions in all walks of life. When this skill is used in combination with efficient training and training on how to teach successful guitar, success is unavoidable.

Here are five important qualities needed to become a successful guitar teacher:

Quality # 1. Attitude “Sink or Swim”

The greatest guitar teachers develop their teaching business with extraordinary intensity and urgency. They believe that they will succeed or die while trying …

This type of attitude causes teachers to take consistent MASSIVE actions – which result in achieving the same amount of results. Big action means more than just working “harder”, but working smarter – like finding the best guitar teacher training to reduce the time spent trying it out … and taking the only known shortcut to success.

Note: this kind of urgency ONLY becomes possible as a result of having a virtuoso mindset and believing in your potential to achieve massive levels of success.

Quality # 2. 100% Total Confidence

The most successful guitar instructors NEVER ask questions like this to themselves:

* Do I have enough guitar playing skills to start teaching guitar lessons?

* How many years are needed before I can make a full-time teaching guitar?

* Can I really quit my daily work and teach guitar lessons to make a living?

* Can someone actually produce more than 10-20 thousand per year teaching guitar alone?

The above questions are built on insecurity, self-doubt and fear – a recipe for total failure.

The best guitar teachers in the world have eliminated these types of low-quality questions and replaced them with high-quality questions that prepare them for success. As an example:

* What is the most effective strategy for growing a successful guitar teaching business that generates $ 100,000 per year?

* What specific steps should I take to leave my job and teach a full-time guitar?

* How can I learn how to teach guitar effectively and do it better than anyone else in my city?

* How can I guarantee that my guitar teaching business continues to grow regardless of the economy, where I live or the number of other teachers in my area?

Note that the questions above inspire someone to find a solution, gain confidence and pursue success. Asking yourself questions like this will lead you to the specific answers you need to be very successful.

Quality # 3. Ethics & Dedication Nonstop Work

No doubt, you have to work very hard to become a successful guitar teacher … and if you want to be the # 1 guitar teacher around, you have to do everything you can to achieve success as long as possible, until finally you reach me. Accept and live with the following winning principles:

“The cost of success is ALWAYS paid in advance”.

Your work ethic consists of doing anything for how long until your goal is reached.

Fortunately, this kind of work ethic can easily be developed and strengthened by:

* Become a part of meeting other similar guitar instructors who have been very successful or are on top of building their business in their area. Such meetings are very difficult to understand, because most guitar instructors do not make a living financially feasible, have a cynical outlook and lack the desire to achieve genuine progress. Then again, when you match the champion guitar educator system, you will find it much easier to achieve the same status yourself.

* Learn and understand WHAT you have to do to become a very successful guitar teacher.

Quality # 4. Highest Standards for Success

Guitar teachers who fail to treat their business like a side job or hobby … who successfully treat it like a BUSINESS! To do this, you need to:

* Create and enforce STRONG instruction policies that explain your serious expectations to your students (learn more about this in this column about making big money as a guitar teacher).

* Not demanding anything other than the excellence of each of your guitar students. This does not mean that you are trying to make everyone a major player – that means getting them to achieve the goals they want to achieve (and not letting them give up). This approach will help you get better results with your students in two main ways:

A. You will naturally become a better guitar teacher in the process of dedicating yourself to getting results for your students.

b. You will lose mediocre students and start getting more and more serious students – these are students who will practice everything at home and take progress seriously. This will quickly advance a positive reputation for you in your city.

Quality # 5. Patience

Developing a guitar teaching business from the ground up to the 6-digit level takes time. Many people are discouraged by the amount of work needed to achieve something like this. In fact, this initial feeling of despair made most teachers unable to start (causing them to reach moderate levels). This is why the best guitar teachers are able to drive and achieve success:

1. They see a bigger picture and understand that the initial challenge is a small price to pay for their desperate success.

2. They realize that the biggest challenges occur at the beginning. The more successful you are, the more “easy” it is to achieve a higher level of success. It’s a good fact to make money teaching guitar, and to help your guitar students become great players.

3. They are smart enough to seek help from experienced coaches or mentors to grow their guitar teaching business as quickly as possible.

Now that you are familiar with the five elements needed to become a successful guitar teacher, practice by training guitar teachers so that you can bring your teaching business to the highest level.